Our Mission

Football is a universal language, bringing people together across the world through the beautiful game.  FC Palestina initially started as a small concept in 2015 in an attempt to raise awareness for the people of Palestine. 

By making a variety of football shirts in the traditional colours of the Palestine flag, the brand has managed to bring people together globally highlighting their solidarity with Palestine and showing their support whilst wearing their shirts.

Our shirts feature the word Palestine in Arabic (pronounced Filastin) on the front and a number of shirts also come printed with the number 11 on the back shaped in the map of Palestine.  Over the years we have expanded the range of shirts available by introducing a variety of designs and collaborations pieces.   

A percentage of profits (a minimum of 20%) from sales of products are donated to charities and projects that directly support the people of Palestine.  Contributions have directly funded food packages to help families during the months of Ramadan as well as clothing to keep people warm in the colder months.  The percentage donated is a lot higher especially when there is a need for aid or emergency situations within the regions of Palestine.  The remainder of profits go back into the product cycle for new designs etc.  

Donations are made to established charities (such as MAP) as well frequently donating shirts towards charity and fundraiser events where all proceeds from sales go directly towards the organisers as a donation.  Examples of projects include providing all the children at Shatila Refugee camp with shirts, posts are on social media but we will be highlighting more examples on a dedicated blog page soon.